Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our new addition

For the past few weeks, (it seems like months) Julie has been dreaming of puggles. She has spent many hours online and on the phone with folks that would just love to take a few hundred dollars out of our bank account.
One night last week, as we were just going up to Provo for an innocent visit with my parents, Julie conned me into just looking in Animal Ark pet store in Orem. I went in and she showed me a puggle puppy. It really was quite good looking and I would have got it then, but someone had just paid for the little thing and I thought that is telling us we just shouldn't get one. Julie understood it as, Brian really wants one and now I can spend all my time looking for the perfect puggle.
After all the time searching and offering, one guy finally called Julie back and counter-offered. Julie took it hook, line, and sinker. We drove all the way to the Timponogos Temple area to look at the beloved animal first hand.
Of course the kids were with us and they all just wanted to hold, cuddle and torture this 8 week old puppy. We all talked it over and decided that this was the little puggle for us. We drove it home, but before we did, we had to stop by PetsMart (the most expensive pet store in Utah Valley) to pick up only the best for our new dog. I called my mom, another dog lover, to come and see our new addition. The whole way home it was constant arguments and crying as to who was going to hold this little dog.
Lots of fuss in our house over the new one and anyone is welcome to come and see him, if Cole allows his life to continue. He is quite rough with him.
This is probably the only time I will post to this blog. Julie wanted to try it out and I just felt like being sarcastic for a second, (something new for me).